The New Album: Songs For The Universe

On Dangermuffin’s latest album, Songs For The Universe, the roots rock trio shuffles between cosmic electric journeys and reflective acoustic declarations. Perhaps more than any one of their previous albums, Songs For The Universe spotlights the band’s dexterity and comfort plugged in or untethered, and affirms the profound musical bond shared by the three band members. Whether jammin’ out on tracks like Heart and Cicada or leading us to ponder our consciousness on Forgot To Question, the Dangermuffin trinity demonstrates over and over again its undeniable and divine connection.

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SFTU Videos

Performing Little Douglas at the Charleston Pour House

Performing Cicada, also at The Charleston Pour House
Album art by Emily Kell. Click here to see all her amazing work.

Previous Albums

Olly Oxen Free, 2012 HGMN Album Of The Year

After spending 18 weeks in the number one spot of the HGMN music chart, Olly Oxen Free went on to win HGMN’s 2012 album of the year. A triumphant, multi-genre compilation, this album exemplifies the band’s musical range and resistance to pigeonholing. Everything from Americana jam rock fables to unhurried ballads and spirited ska beats are present here.

Moonscapes, 2010
Moonscapes Album Cover

From the gritty, rockin’ Gutter Dance to the breezy, jazz-inflected pulse of Big Suit, Moonscapes is a colorful musical melange of styles and emotions. Introducing fans to the group’s most comprehensive collection of songs to that date, Moonscapes triggered the band’s rise and prominence at music festivals from Bridgeport to Boulder.

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Emancee, 2008
Emancee Album Cover

A mighty ode to liberation, the title track off of Dangermuffin’s 2008 EP reflects the band’s early commitment to life and music on their own terms. Though only 6 songs in length, the collection tackles some weighty subjects, such as the persistence of human oppression and the notion of personal demons. It’s a declarative album, and the declaration is clear: emancipate.

Beermuda, 2007
Berrmuda Album Cover

Dangermuffin’s inaugural album, Beermuda jammed a stake in the sand of American roots music and buried it deep. From the beer drenched ballad, What’s in a Bottle, to the sensual serenade, Consumin’ Me, this foundational work of art mingles rockin’ electric energy with raw acoustic tenderness. Essential listening.

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