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Heritage Vinyl LP


12″ LP Vinyl Record of Dangermuffin's 2017 release of “Heritage”

Our first-ever pressing of a 12″ format, 33 1/3 RPM vinyl record. Pristine remastered audio of the 8-song Heritage album for a warm & clear analog experience.

Heritage (2017)
1. Ode To My Heritage
2. Waves
3. Ancient Family
4. The Sea & The Rose
5. Ol’ Fidel
6. Kindred Sun
7. Methuselah’s Song
8. One Last Swim

Note on Shipping:
Hey guys, Mike here. I’ll be shipping each one of these from my bedroom, literally, by hand. Please bear with me with regards to shipping times and tracking, I will be traveling often in the coming weeks. Any questions please email