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Something hot to keep yo bevages cold! A variety of colors to match whatever drinkin’ mood you’re in that night. We’re kinda moody ourselves, so we’ve got every color. That’s the safe purchase. Every one.

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Check out this yawner of a Wikipedia entry about Koozies, much of which is pretty darn obvious anyway:

The primary use of a beer koozie is to effectively insulate a beverage from heat via both conduction and external infrared sources (for example: a hand, warm air or strong sunlight). Using a beer koozie can reduce the rate a drink warms in the sun by up to 50%. (actually, that’s a pretty cool fact!)

A secondary use of a beer koozie is to easily identify one’s beverage from another (hail no, all these beer here is MINE!), and for marketing. Many different companies have used the koozie as a promotional giveaway because it is not only inexpensive  to manufacture (um, we swear we’re makin’ like dirt on these things), but its frequent use is more likely to bring the company’s name to a household presence (innnnnteresting). Originally a logo or image was screen-printed on a round foam cylinder with a foam base (generally a hole is provided in the base to alleviate creation of a vacuum) (sounds dirty).