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Pickin’ Hands Tee


Next Level, Tri-Blend, Pickin’ Hands tees.  Available in Red and Brown.

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There’s this story about a man stranded at sea with nothing but a guitar, a bellowphone, and a bottle of tequila. If you don’t know what a bellowphone is just try to imagine if a trumpet, a tuba, some bouncy balls and a whistle collided and got tangled.  Got it?  Okay, great.

So anyway, he’s out there at sea with the booze, his geetar, and a 200 lb mistake, and he knows he’s gotta jettison something.  Too much damn weight in the boat.  He considers his inventory and, without much haste, picks up the bellowphone and raises it over his head with every intention of sending the instrument to its underwater grave.  However, underestimating the weight of the thing (or perhaps overestimating his own strength), he falls backward, topples over the edge of the boat and meets the water in a shocking and cold embrace. At the same time, the bellowphone comes crashing down on the boat and catapults the guitar into the sea, alongside the man, as if to say, “F” you and that absurd little stringed instrument of yours.  Before the man has time to regain his senses, the currents pick up and the boat, the bellowphone, and the bottle of tequila start to drift away, further and further out of reach of the man.

Did he survive and make it to land?  Did the guitar serve as a raft and save his life?  Not really sure.  But, if you listen to a bellowphone it sort of sounds like it’s wasted on tequila.