1. Moonscapes
2. Mystery Repeating
3. Gutter Dance
4. Big Suit
5. Walk into the Wind
6. Fuego
7. Seafoam Tumbles
8. Ancient Wind
9. Stricken
10. Jezebel
11. Lawman
12. Coffin Island

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It’s hard to imagine anyone being put off by the cheery, warm pop melody and gentle, lilting rhythm of “Big Suit”; and if you listen to Lotti’s lyrics, you’ll find a heartening ode to someone near and dear from another who appreciates being reminded how good it feels when they’re together. Your faithful friend and narrator is old enough to remember when a song such as “Gutter Dance” might have cropped up in a Jefferson Airplane set circa Surrealistic Pillow. Its infectious guitar riffing circling in on itself and repeating; the way the melody opens up and soars as the singers raise their voices in group harmony; a decidedly spacey, ethereal Jorma-like electric guitar solo that builds from whispered, tentative noting to bruising, protesting flurries; and a narrative that may or may not be centered on the singer’s existential dislocation—behold all the elements of the Airplane at its best in its prime before the politics creeped in a bit too much.

–David McGee, The Bluegrass Special

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