Songs for the Universe


On Dangermuffin’s latest album, Songs For The Universe, the roots rock trio shuffles between cosmic electric journeys and reflective acoustic declarations. Perhaps more than any one of their previous albums, Songs For The Universe spotlights the band’s dexterity and comfort plugged in or untethered, and affirms the profound musical bond shared by the three band members. Whether jammin’ out on tracks like Heart and Cicada or leading us to ponder our consciousness on Forgot To Question, the Dangermuffin trinity demonstrates over and over again its undeniable and divine connection.

1. Ancient Golden Star
2. Rising Phoenix
3. Heart
4. Swells
5. Nowhere Path
6. Little Douglas
7. Western Sky
8. Cicada
9. Snakecharmer
10. Amendureye
11. Forgot to Question
12. The Giver
13. Outside My Window
14. Sarsaparilla
15. Rain
16. Lady of Fire
17. Skin I’m In

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